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Transformative Innovations Take Center Stage: Announcing WIPO IP Labs Demo Day

The journey has been thrilling, the ideas revolutionary, and the growth phenomenal. After months of intensive learning, ideation, and creation, we're excited to announce the grand culmination of the WIPO IP Labs program - The Demo Day, themed "Intellectual Property as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Nigeria"!

The WIPO IP Labs program, a collaborative effort between WIPO Nigeria Office and The Orbra Company has been a beacon for idea-stage startups, guiding them through the journey of developing innovations into scalable solutions.

Scheduled for 15 December, 2023, at 10:00 AM (WAT), the Demo Day marks the zenith of a transformative journey for our inaugural cohort. Over the past four months, these budding entrepreneurs have delved into the realms of IP management, business strategy, product design, and investment readiness under the guidance of seasoned mentors and experts.

What to Expect

  • Startup Pitches: Watch as participants showcase their innovative ideas in a dynamic pitch session. Each participant will have a brief but powerful five minutes to present their entrepreneurial vision, strategies, and impact potential.

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from IPMC (Intellectual Property Management Clinic) experts as they share their perspectives on how startups have benefited from the program. Get a unique glimpse into the impact of intellectual property on business growth.

  • Keynote Address: Join us for a keynote address from our speaker. This session promises strategic insights into the future of businesses and the pivotal role that intellectual property plays in driving innovation and prosperity.

How to join

Given the current global context, the WIPO IP Labs Demo Day will be a hybrid event. The event will be broadcasted online, allowing a global audience to witness the presentations, gain inspiration, and connect with the innovators shaping the future.

For those in Abuja who wish to attend physically, the event will take place at the UN House, Abuja, starting at 10:00 AM (WAT). Attendance in person is strictly by invitation. If you would like to attend physically, please send your request to

This is an open invitation to everyone passionate about innovation, intellectual property, and the future of entrepreneurship. Join us virtually or in person as we celebrate the achievements of our participants and witness the birth of groundbreaking ideas.

The countdown to the WIPO IP Labs Demo Day begins now!

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